Kenya Mbooni Children's Home Report and Prayer Requests, December 2022年12月肯尼亚Mbooni儿童中心事工报告与代祷事项

Praise – Prayer – Preparation – Provision
颂赞 – 代祷 – 预备 – 供应

Jeremiah 29:11 – “Hope and a Future”
耶利米书 29:11——“希望与未来”

Praise 颂赞:
We are praising the Lord for the many answered prayers in 2022. He has blessed us with new sponsors for the children of AIC Mbooni Children’s Home of Kenya from Living Hope Global Ministries.
感谢主在2022年回应我们许多的祷告。感谢主借着新希望全球事工为肯尼亚 AIC Mbooni孤儿院的孩子们找到新的捐助人。

This year, God has provided funding for the following: a new generator; the completion of our computer lab for the children; the addition of young children to the home; medical care for several children with Covid- related illness; Christmas gifts for the children and staff; funds to help the graduating children with their future education; the enrollment of 10 children in the Kima Vocational Technical College, and the healthy feeding of the children and staff during the time of drought. God is so Good!  
感谢主,我们今年为孤儿院提供了资金购买一台新发电机;为孩子们完成了计算机教室;为孤儿院增加了年幼的孩子;为几名患有与Covid-19相关疾病的孩子提供了医疗服务;为孩子和员工们准备了圣诞礼物;提供了用于帮助即将毕业的孩子接受未来教育的资金;帮助10名孩子在 Kima 职业技术学院的入学以及在旱季缺乏食物时,仍然让孩子们和工作人员有健康的饮食。感谢神!
Prayer Requests代祷:
 This is a current list of prayer requests:

  1. The 104 children at the home, plus the others who are in college and vocational school: Pray for their health and their spiritual growth.
 1. 孤儿院的 104 个孩子,加上其他正在上大学和职业学校的孩子。为他们的健康和属灵成长祷告。 
 2. Pray for all our sponsors of the children, that God will continue to bless them, as they provide the funds for the children.
 2. 为我们所有孩子的助养人祷告,他们为孩子提供了经济上的帮助,愿上帝继续祝福他们。

  3. Pray for the Living Hope Global Ministries, as we continue to walk through the open doors of opportunity to reach more orphaned and disadvantaged children in Kenya.
  3. 为新希望全球事工祷告,求主继续打开机会之门,让我们接触更多肯尼亚的孤儿和弱势儿童。

  4. We are also preparing to add dormitory space at the Mbooni Home. We would like to add an additional 50 + children to the home in 2023. Please pray that the Lord will provide funds for building new dormitories.
  4. 我们还准备在Mbooni 孤儿院增加宿舍空间。我们想在 2023 年再增加 50 多个孩子。求主预备新建宿舍的资金。

  5. We are praying for sponsors for the new opportunities that God is showing us. Nothing is impossible with God.
  5. 求主带给我们更多的捐助人。在神没有难成的事!
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