Where is God leading your heart?

children's Sponsorship

Hope Children's Centers

Our prayer is to be a child’s safe haven, a place they feel loved, and their pathway to Christ.
Our Hope Centers give daily care to severely impoverished children. We operate all day loving and nurturing with meals, help with homework and daily Bible class. A safe place to lay down their worries of poverty.

Spiritual Empowerment

Indigenous Church Support

This program is two-fold-- believers joining together for the same gospel mission and empowering indigenous church leaders who struggle in their impoverished communities.

Our ministry began in the late 1980s with spiritual teaching in broadcasting, leadership training, Christian schools, orphanages, as well as other outreach programs in many countries. As our church partner, you take our vision and give it life. You are the body of our ministry, and the substance of who we are. You are our prayer warriors, our mission teams, our teachers, our leaders, and life changers.  We invite your church to come and serve with us!

Prison Ministry

We uphold the teachings of the Bible, setting our eyes on Jesus who has died on the cross to save mankind and is resurrected. In the same way, we share the Good News with inmates so that they may be saved into God's family. Join us to be a part of God' redemptive plan. 

Soccer Ministry

The negative impacts of poverty lay heavily on our youth. We partner with local churches to reach out into the community, taking youth off the street and transforming lives by offering a safe place that glorifies God and continually nurtures spiritual growth - all through the love of soccer.

Women's Ministry

Our Global Woman to Woman Ministry connects hearts of American women to women all over our globe. Together, we are stronger.

Build Up Communities

Living Water Program

Our Living Water Program takes your donation and provides clean life sustaining water for impoverished families and communities. We dig wells, install water lines, provide water purification systems, build pilas  (water storage) so children can go to school instead of carrying water, and much more.

Love Thy Neighbor Sustainable Agricultural Program

Our ministry strives for sustainable programs that will lift communities and allow them to be empowered and self sufficient. Our livestock and farming agricultural programs are educationally based and with a pay it forward foundation where families in the community support one another. 

Build a safe home

Poverty robs families of choices when tragedy strikes. Mud and stick homes cannot withstand severe storms and when an impoverished family loses a home, they have nowhere to go. Our Building Love program quickly builds a sturdy and protective block home where families with little ones can safely lay down to sleep. 

Agape Children's Fund

Living Hope Global Ministry's Agape Children's Fund shares God's love (Agape) to children in underdeveloped countries whose parent or guardian has become ill with cancer. This fund was created from the loving heart of a devoted wife, mother, and Christ-follower who valiantly fought cancer, and through her struggle, her heart thought of children. It was her last wish for her family to share Godly love and give aid to children who are faced with the unbearable reality of cancer.

Mission Trips

Mission Trips

The needs are endless and we welcome you to come and serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. We serve in all areas of outreach with sustainable programs that are designed to make a difference. Come serve with us - Somewhere, Someone is waiting on you. 

Mother and Baby

Our Mother and Baby program supports impoverished moms and babies in all of their areas of need. You may supply formula for a baby who needs more nutrition or support a mom with a special needs child. The needs are many and your love can make a difference for a struggling mom.

Always moving forward

God answers prayer and we have learned over the many years of serving to trust His guidance. Our Hope Children's Centers and our Hope Centers are the foundation of our work in communities. They fill needs daily and we walk in faith as God shows us when and where the next one will be. Come and journey with us.