March 2023 Prayer Letter| 2023年三月祷告信

Dear Supporters and Friends,
We come to you today with a humble spirit, seeking your prayers and support for our upcoming mission trip to Honduras in April. As we embark on this journey to serve and share the love of Christ with the people of Honduras, we ask that you lift us up in prayer, that we may be equipped with spiritual strength and guidance to fulfill our mission.
We ask for your prayers for the spiritual wellbeing of the people we will encounter during our time in Honduras. May their hearts be open to the message of God’s love and grace, and may our words and actions reflect the hope and joy of the Gospel. We ask for prayers for the ongoing ministry work in Capital Prison, where we have had the opportunity to visit and serve through our teams. We ask for provision and guidance in the continued support of this ministry.
God's provision surpasses all our expectations. Initially, we planned to send out an email regarding a fundraising need for an AC unit on our bus. God had already moved a brother to give towards the AC installation, which would help make the long, dusty bus rides more bearable for our short-term missioners. However, we are grateful that God put it in the hearts of two sisters to give generously to our ministries. They were inspired after hearing the testimony of a previous mission trip participant and Living Hope child sponsor. One of the donations perfectly met the remaining amount needed to purchase the bus AC unit. We are grateful for God's amazing provision, and may we continue to seek His guidance each step along the way. Please join us in lifting these requests to Him in prayer—

  • Unsponsored children in Ukraine, that they may receive sponsorships to support their education and wellbeing. 
  •  $12k for construction material for the second floor of the Langue Mission Base in Honduras, where we will be able to better serve and accommodate the needs of the people we work with.

 We believe in the power of prayer and are grateful for your support in lifting up these needs to God. May God bless you. 
In Christ,
Living Hope Team
我们怀着谦卑的心邀请大家为我们即将到来的 4 月洪都拉斯宣教之旅代祷和支持。 当我们踏上为洪都拉斯人民分享基督之爱的旅程时,我们请求您在祈祷中鼓舞我们,使我们能够获得力量和指导来完成我们的使命。
我们请求你们为我们在洪都拉斯期间遇到的人们的属灵复兴祈祷。 愿他们的心向神的爱和恩典敞开,愿我们的言行反映福音的希望和喜乐。我们为洪都拉斯首都监狱正在进行的事工祈祷,我们有机会通过我们的团队探访和服务。 我们请求提供和指导以继续支持这项事工。


  1. 乌克兰还有没被助养的儿童,愿他们能够获得赞助,帮助他们的教育和成长。
  2. 洪都拉斯Langue基地二楼建筑材料需款12000美元,这样我们就能更好地服侍当地同工和短宣队的需求。
我们相信祷告的力量,并感谢您将这些需求带到上帝面前。 愿神祝福您。 

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