Lives Transformed by Hope | 美好的见证

文 Article by: Asian Ministry Team 亚洲同工
1. Traveled to a distant town to distribute scholarships to 69 local orphans. When a middle school principal saw that each sponsored student had received the scholarship, he said with emotion, "There are other charities that came to show off and said that they would continue providing monthly support, but we never received those funds. You are different. You really help these students every month.  You even made up those funds delayed because of the pandemic!”
2. Visited families. The grandmother of a sponsored child burst into tears when she saw us visiting their home. Feeling touched, she shared, "Our family is poor, and no one has visited us for a long time!" Our coworkers immediately preached the gospel to her, telling her that God sent us here and provided donations for her grandson and family. She prayed right away and decided to follow Jesus! Praise the Lord!
3. Joined combined efforts with the local organization to carry out the project of helping orphans and children in need and making preparations for summer and winter camps. The director of the local organization knew that we were Christians, and she didn’t understand why we should help these children whom we had never met. Still, she could not hold in tears when she saw that we distributed the huge sum of money our brothers and sisters donated to each child. She knows that she can trust completely to take care of the children! Glory to the name of the Lord!
4. Went to a university and a vocational college to visit two Living Hope-sponsored students admitted last year. Because of the scholarship we provided, they can continue their studies, and we can foresee their bright future. We are grateful and happy for them! Thank God!
We are grateful to be used by the Lord and to be a part of His Gospel Ministry.
"If anyone serves me, let him follow me; and where I am, there will be my servant; and if anyone serves me, my Father will honor him." -John 12:26
1. 前往一个偏远县城,为当地69位孤贫儿童发放助学金。一位中学校长看到学生们都收到了助学金,感慨地说:“也有别的慈善机构来,作秀一样,说要每月资助,可是后来都没有收到捐款。你们真是每月都帮助这些孩子们,还把疫情原因耽误的款项都补上,真是不一样啊!”
2. 探访家庭。一位受助孩子的奶奶看到我们探访他们家,泪水夺眶而出,感动地说:“我们家穷,很久都没有人来过我们家了!”去探访同工马上传福音给她,告诉她是神派遣我们来看望他们家,并将弟兄姊妹们爱心奉献的捐款拿给她,她当场就做了决志祷告!感谢赞美主!
3. 与地方机构联合开展救助孤贫儿童的项目,预备要开展夏令营和冬令营。机构负责人知道我们是基督徒,她不明白我们为什么要帮助这些从不认识的孩子们,但是看到我们把弟兄姊妹捐助款发给一个个孤贫的孩子时,泪水在她眼眶里打转,她知道可以放心把孩子交给我们!荣耀归主名!
4. 去往一所大学和一所职业学院探望去年考入学校的两位孤贫学生,他们因为我们的资助可以继续学业,可以预见他们光明的未来。为他们欣慰,为他们高兴!感谢主!

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