Highlights of Children's Growth | 兒童成長集錦

Read the letters from our sponsored children in Asia, Honduras, Ukraine, and Kenya. 

Howard (Asia)

A lot of things happened during this summer, but this is the one that I cannot forget.
That day, my grandma and I were sweeping the floor. She held the broom in her hand and swept it back and forth. She usually swept very easily. But this time, she suddenly squatted down, threw the broom aside, and leaned against a tree. Her arms were moving with difficulty, her wrinkled face looked very down and the veins on her forehead were exposed, a lot of sweat trickled down her sallow cheeks. I hurriedly walked over and asked: "Grandma, what's wrong?" I know my grandma has some problem with her heart, and this time I realized it got worse. I had already lost my parents; how could I bear losing my dearest grandma? "Grandma!" I shouted loudly. After a while, she opened her eyes, and the wrinkles on her face suddenly relaxed, and she gradually felt better. This was the most unforgettable thing that happened this summer.
Grandma, please rest assured that I will definitely study hard, find a stable job in the future, honor you well, repay those who care and take care of me from afar, and pass on the love forever.

Astrid (Honduras)

Dear Sponsor,
I give thanks to God because He gave me life and He is always with us. In this year, I finished my 6th grade and I am so happy because I am doing my best. I am also happy because I have my own Bible thanks to Living Hope. My favorite story is about Moses, I have learned about how God has perfect plans for our lives. My prayer is that God helps those children that are in need, and continue blessing all the sponsors in Living Hope Children’s Center. I want to say that I love you and I hope to see you one day.

Emerson Martinez (Honduras Tolupan Indian)

Dear Sponsor,
I am 12 years old and I am in 7th grade now. I want to tell you that I have advanced a lot in playing the guitar. Since I told you last, I am playing much better now after practicing all this time. I play in the church services and I want to share with you that I was baptized on July 20 of this year. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Volodymyr Kozak (Ukraine)

My name is Volodymyr and I`m 13. I could be a happy boy if there weren't any rockets in the sky above my country. Like many of my relatives, I spent my summer at home. I've read a lot and tried to manage all the material, which I missed at school because of the sirens. Now it is calmer in my town than in other towns. But I always worry when I hear the air sirens. My best wish is for the war to end and all the children to have a happy childhood.

Mark Kasyoki Muange (Kenya)

I go to church at AIC Mbooni. Our pastor is called Pastor Emmanuel Nzioka. He is good pastor to us and we love him as we love ourselves and also we love God and Bible is our guide. Because no other guide like Bible. When I grow up I would like to be a pastor like pastor Emmanuel.

Thank you for your support and continue praying for me, as I do my exam.

Howard (亞洲)

那天,我和奶奶在掃地,她手執掃帚,掃一下退一下,平時她掃得非常輕鬆。但這次,她忽然蹲了下來,掃帚扔到了一邊,身體緊靠一棵樹,只⻅她胳膊在艱難地動著,那張佈滿皺紋的臉凝重了起來,額頭上的⻘筋都露了出來,幾顆豆大的汗珠順著她灰⻩的臉頰淌了下來。我急忙走過去問:「奶奶你怎麼了?「我知道平常奶奶心臟不好,我意識到這次問題的嚴重性,我已經失去父母親了,我不能再失去至親至愛的奶奶了。 「奶奶、奶奶!」我大聲呼喊著!一會兒功夫,她睜開了眼睛,臉上的皺紋也一下子舒展開了,逐漸恢復了正常。這就是我暑假至今難忘的一幕。

Astrid (宏都拉斯)


Emerson Martinez (洪都拉斯Tolupan原住民地區)

我今年12歲,現在上七年級。我想告訴你我在彈吉他方面進步了很多。自從我上次告訴你以來,經過這麼長時間的練習,我現在彈得好多了。我在教堂禮拜中演奏,我還想與大家分享的是在今年 7 月 20 日我受洗了。謝謝您為我所做的一切。

Volodymyr Kozak (烏克蘭)


Mark Kasyoki Muange (肯尼亞)

我我參加AIC Mbooni的主日敬拜。我們的牧師是Emmanuel Nzioka。他是一個很好的牧師。我們愛他就如愛我們自己一般。我們也愛神。《聖經》是我們的指南, 因為沒有其他指南像聖經一樣。我長大後,想成為一名像Emmanuel牧師一樣的牧師。

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