What does Living Hope Global Ministries mean in Honduras? | 新希望在洪都拉斯意味着……?

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Director of Children’s Center 儿童中心主任 Williams Canas
Here in Langue, with loud, praising voices, Living Hope Global Ministries means Love, Hope, and Help that ALL comes from God!  It means food for the souls of children but also food for the pain of hunger.
The Children's Center, established by Living Hope, is about to celebrate six years of satisfying spiritual hunger, physical hunger, and many additional needs for unprotected families who struggle every day. One great piece of news that I trust will brighten your day is that many of our Children Center families attend our church, and our children look forward to coming to every service.
As an administrator, I spend every day guiding our children with the word of God and motivating those who study hard in school. I do this because I want them to have more opportunities for a better future that escapes poverty. This is why I always guide them in their education. My life is very blessed to serve these children. Our children have shown me their love and respect, and they know they can count on me anytime. A few days ago, I was brought to tears when several of our children told me I was like a dad to them.  I understand very well that it is the Holy Spirit working in each of us, and I just want to remain an instrument in the hands of our God for our children.
I would also like to share with you in this update that I am excited we are praying to open a third Living Hope Children’s Center in another village in our city. So many children are in desperate need of food, and their daily poverty is extreme.  
We recently elected the new board of students in the Center, with Evelyn Alvarado serving as our president and Olga Ramírez as our sports leader. I know they will do well for our Center and their friends.
Lastly, I would like to thank you!  I thank God for all of you who make all this possible.

Williams and His Beautiful Family


在Langue,新希望意味着来自上帝的爱、希望和帮助,还总是伴随着响亮、赞美的歌声! 它意味着孩子们的灵粮,也意味着救助他们免于饥饿的食物。在Langue,新希望意味着来自上帝的爱、希望和帮助,还总是伴随着响亮、赞美的歌声! 它意味着孩子们的灵粮,也意味着救助他们免于饥饿的食物。
作为中心的负责人,我每天用上帝的话语来教导我们的孩子,并鼓励那些在学校努力学习的孩子们。 我这样做是因为我希望他们有更多机会摆脱贫困,有更美好的未来,更希望有一天被上帝使用。 这就是为什么我总是辅导他们的功课。我很幸运能服事这些孩子们。 这些孩子也向我表达了他们对我的爱和尊重,他们知道随时都可以依靠我。 前几天,几个孩子告诉我说我就像他们的父亲,我的眼泪不禁夺眶而出! 我很清楚这是圣灵在我们每个人灵里动工,为了这些孩子,我愿意成为上帝手中的器皿。
我还想与您分享,我们正在祈祷能够在我们城市的另一个村庄开设第三个希望儿童中心。 那里有很多吃不饱的孩子,他们每天都过着极度贫困的生活。
我们最近选出了儿童中心的新的学生会, Evelyn Alvarado是学生会主席,负责体育的是 Olga Ramírez。 我知道他们一定会很好地带领这些孩子们的。

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