A Safe Haven for Vulnerable Children: The Kathonzweni Children's Home 一个安全的港湾:Kathonzweni儿童之家

The AIC Kathonzweni Children's Home
AIC Kathonzweni儿童之家

Founded in 1979, the AIC Kathonzweni Children's Home has been providing a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable children in the Makueni County area of Kenya for over four decades. Located 147 kilometers from Nairobi City, the home is situated next to a main road that is tarmacked and accessible from Machakos or Mombasa road.
The children's home is next to the AIC Church and a school, and the home itself has a capacity for 120 children, with 60 boys and 60 girls. As of now, the home has a population of 36 children, including 21 in primary school, 11 in secondary school, 2 in college and 1 is waiting. The home welcomes children between the ages of 9-15 in primary school.
During a recent visit to the home, we found that despite having excellent facilities, the home has been experiencing financial constraints that are evidenced by the lack of school and home clothing, insufficient food in the store, lack of beds and bedding, general home facelift like painting and replacement of the solar batteries, and lack of staff salaries and sufficient staff.
Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable children. By sponsoring a child for $30 per month, you can help provide the necessary resources to ensure that these children have access to education, clothing, food, and other basic needs. With a monthly budget of KSH 200,000 (USD$ 1,667) to operate at full capacity, every donation counts and can make a significant impact on the lives of these vulnerable children.
Let's join hands together to change the lives of these impoverished children, so that they may receive the blessings and hope in Christ.
AIC Kathonzweni儿童之家成立于1979年,为肯尼亚Makueni地区的贫困孤儿提供安全的成长环境已有四十多年了。儿童之家距离肯尼亚首都Nairobi 147公里(91英里),毗邻一条柏油路的主干道上。
您的支持将使这些贫困孤儿的生活中带来很大的改善。通过每个儿童每个月$30的助养,您可以帮助提供必要的物质资源,使这些贫困的孩子有机会接受教育、衣物、食品和其他基本需求。儿童之家每月需要KSH.200,000(约合计USD $1,667)的预算才能全面运作,每一笔捐款都能给这些孩子带来极大的变化和祝福。

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