Children Sponsorship Review in 2023 | 2023年兒童助養事工回顧

In 2023, our sponsorship program has witnessed remarkable blessings. These precious children are under the loving care of our dedicated local partner churches and missionaries. They are nourished, guided, and uplifted through counseling and heartfelt prayers. It's a global effort that wouldn't be possible without your unwavering prayer and financial support, the commitment of our local churches and missionaries, and, most importantly, the resilience of these children in the face of daily hardships. Above all, we recognize God as the ultimate source of love and life, orchestrating this beautiful transformation. Here are some essential updates we are thrilled to share with you.


Through the dedicated efforts of our co-workers, we organized a memorable summer camp for these children. They enjoyed a few days filled with games, dancing, sharing meals, music, and, most importantly, learning about the Word of God. It's also worth celebrating that some of these children have successfully graduated from high school and are now pursuing higher education. Our compassionate co-workers in Asia are like these children’s parents, helping them settle down in dormitory.


Praise God, six Tolupan children got baptized. It’s a testament to the impact of child sponsorship programs in their lives. We also honor the unwavering dedication of our missionaries, Leandro and Johanna, who continue to be a beacon of hope for these children. In Langue, thanks to donors, children at the children's center have access to a computer room to help them connect to the outside world.


In Ukraine, our local partner, Lviv Central Baptist Church, held a Bible retreat for women whose husbands died in the war or were taken into captivity. Many of the attendees’ children were recipients of support from Living Hope. Our co-worker says that the mothers who receive your help started reading the Word of God with their children, attend Sunday service and small groups regularly, and some even are preparing to be baptized!
          2023年,兒童助養事工無比蒙福。 這些寶貴的孩子們受到我們當地合作教會和宣教士的精心照顧。 孩子在他們日常關懷和禱告中得到滋養、引導和成長。 這項國際性的事工離不開所有人的參與,如果沒有捐助人堅定不移的禱告和經濟支持、如果沒有我們當地教會和宣教士的委身,以及這些孩子們面對日常困難的堅韌,這項事工不可能實現。 但是在人不能的,在神凡事都能,過去一年我們不斷贊嘆上帝就是愛和生命的源頭,祂精心看顧每一個人。 以下是我們很高興與您分享的一些重要更新。


         過我們同工的不懈努力,我們為這些孩子們組織了一次難忘的夏令營。 他們度過了幾天充滿遊戲、舞蹈、分享美食、音樂的時光。最重要的是,可以一起學習神的話語。 同樣值得慶祝的是,其中一些孩子已經順利高中畢業,現在正在接受高等教育。我們的同工更是充當起孩子們家長的角色,幫助他們安頓入住學生宿舍。


        感謝贊美主,有六名Tolupan兒童受洗。足以見得兒童助養事工對他們生命中的影響。 更要向我們的宣教士Leandro和Johanna長久以來的委身獻上感恩,祈禱他們一直做為這些孩子們的榜樣。在Langue,感謝捐助人讓兒童中心的孩子們擁有一個計算機室,幫助他們鏈接外面的世界。


         在烏克蘭,我們合作的利沃夫浸信會為在戰爭中失去丈夫的婦女舉辦了聖經退修會。 許多婦女的孩子都在接受你們的支持。 我們的同工說,接受你們幫助的母親們開始和孩子一起讀神的話,固定參加主日和小組聚會,有的還決定受洗!
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