2024 Mission Trips Now Open!

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Experience Mission

Experience Mission is the perfect trip for people who are new to cross-cultural missions. Our encouragement for you is to go and see God's work.

Upcoming Trips

Honduras |  4/13/2023 - 4/20/2024

Honduras |  6/21/2024 - 6/28/2024

Honduras |  6/28/2024 - 7/05/2024

Honduras |  7/05/2024 - 7/12/2024

Honduras |  7/12/2024 - 7/19/2024

Retire? Refire!

Length Varies
Retired professionals, laymen, and pastors have a meaningful role to play in serving God's kingdom by utilizing their God-given gifts. For Christians in retirement, the contemplation of how to spend the rest of their lives is an opportunity to seek God's guidance through prayer.

Upcoming Trips

Honduras |  2/14/2023  -2/21/2024

Vision Trip

Our vision trips are designed for church leaders to personally witness the impactful work undertaken by our ministry in the host country, emphasizing the compelling need for further initiatives.

Serve with your gifts

If you possess skills in construction or have a background in medical training and are fueled by a passion for serving, we extend an invitation for you and your team to join us in making a tangible impact on communities.

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Testimonies from Mission Trip Members

As Carrie and Jonah sought God, He kept revealing Himself. In a Honduras mission trip, God blessed them in deepening a real relationship with Jesus, and experiencing Him and His salvation in a personal way.

This clip is an excerpt from the Chapel's service on November 26, 2023, Salvation is Grace through Faith
“I would encourage youth, or anyone who is seeking God, anyone who wants to get up and do something for the world to see God’s work, to definitely consider this trip.”

-- Arianna, 2022 Honduras Short-Term Mission Trip Member
" Thank God for allowing me to see what God wants me to see in Central and South America through short missions. When I stepped out of the church and entered into cross-cultural missions, I became more and more sure that our entire life is God's act, arrangement, and goodwill. Everyone can reach a point to retire from the church or the workplace, but the heart of serving God should never retire, just like God’s love for us, which never ever retires.

God gives us the opportunity to serve, which affirms our value before God. This type of service is like 'another spring of service' given by God. "
-- Paul Shen, Retired Pastor and Living Hope Missionary
" In the past two years, I have participated in short mission trips to Honduras in Central and South America with Living Hope Global Ministries and experienced God's amazing grace! In the summer of 2022, our family went to Honduras on a short mission. The biggest gain for my daughter was that she understood that bringing the love of Jesus to orphans and poor children is not just about writing a check, but actually being with them and giving them a hug! On Thanksgiving Day, 2022, I went to Kenya with many Christians who had the same goal as I did to visit the children in Mbooni Children's Home. "
-- Jun, 2021, 2022, 2023 Honduras Short-Term Mission Trip & 2022 Kenya Short-Term Mission Trip Member, Living Hope Children's Sponsor
For more than a week in Honduras, we, 6 brothers and sisters and 5 youths, a total of 11, lived together, visited Indian tribal families, built chicken coops, preached the gospel in prisons, and walked on mountain roads at night to an evangelistic meeting...we were immersed the grace of God together. How many times can we have such a precious experience in life?! Thank God for giving each of us an opportunity to participate in His ministry and witness His greatness and love, and see how His Kingdom was established in the unreached land of Honduras.”

-- Rui, 2023 Honduras Short-Term Mission Trip Member

oUR cORE Values

Our Mission

with Local Churches

for Vulnerable Children

in Community Empowerment

The mission in everything we do is sharing the Gospel; therefore, we want to work with the churches to reach the unchurched. Living Hope is in the background. Lift up the church, bring people in, and glorify God.
Children are one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the world and the hope of a nation. Living Hope believes in holistic care that involves a child's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being so that they may know the love and salvation through Jesus and become transformed adults ready to make a positive impact in society.
Community Empowerment means learning about the real needs of a community and finding sustainable solutions. This may mean building a water pila for a Honduran family so that the child can attend school instead of fetching water from the river during the day.