Join Us on a Mission Trip!

Trip projects

Your team works alongside in-country doctors and dentists to provide medical care for many who cannot afford to see a doctor. Every person who comes through our medical brigade receives the word of God, medication, dental work and the children enjoy Bible school

Medical Brigade

Provide Clean Water

Your team can provide clean water to deserving families by building pilas, digging wells, supplying water filtration systems and many other projects. There is no greater gift than the blessing of water.

Build a Home

Your team may have the blessing of helping an impoverished family by building them a safe and sturdy home. You will see the transformation of collapsing mud and sticks to providing a family with a sturdy block home with a solid roof, concrete floors, doors and windows. At the end of the week presenting the family with a key ceremony, a family Bible and dedicating the home to God is a memory you will not forget.


Every team has the opportunity to share Christ by evangelizing. We show the love of Christ in our actions and we speak the salvation of Christ in our words. We join in church services and many times our host church will hold revival services nightly in the communities we serve. It's a joyous celebration of God's goodness throughout your week and you will enjoy worshiping under the stars in night services with many new friends.


If your team would like to serve in construction, we always have projects in need of your help. We are constantly building homes, Children's Centers, community Hope Centers, repairing churches, and many more opportunities to serve in construction.

Empower Families

Our ministry believes in sustainable food programs to help families grow or raise their own food. Our teams help families by starting them on a sustainable food program, such as raising chickens, pigs or growing crops

Prison Ministry

It is Living Hope's mission to bring the true hope of the Gospel to the desperate and the forgotten. Indeed, hearts can be renewed, and freedom can be gained through faith in Jesus Christ as seen in our Prison Ministry where inmates turned back on their old ways and dedicated their lives to God. We distribute essential daily necessities and food, and most importantly, we share the Good News through Bible messages and personal testimonies.

Hope Centers

Our Hope Centers are your home away from home. Our teams stay in our comfortable centers and enjoy a nice shower after a long day of serving. You will have meals prepared for you and we have a welcoming kitchen filled with snacks available for you anytime.

Your team will enjoy being together in our dorm style living and having daily devotions and fellowship, as well as playing with our local children and getting to know your neighbors.

Lead Your Team

Contact us for more information and we will help you with every stage of planning for your exciting Mission Trip!

go and serve

Your team brings aid to developing communities, and we work in all areas of outreach. Your team may serve on a medical brigade, evangelize, build a home for a family in need, distribute food, construction on a new Hope children's home or a new Hope Center, and the list goes on. 

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