Driven by the Pursuit of the Way of the Truth: 2023 Mission Trip Testimony #1 | 真理之道的嚮往:2023短宣見證#1

Article by 2023 Honduras Summer STM Member, Mr. Liang
Mr. Liang is a seeker of faith who, driven by a longing for "the way of the Truth" and a desire for "deep and genuine experiences within it," accompanied his Christian family on a short-term mission trip to Honduras in August of this year. Below is Mr. Liang's account of the evangelistic sharing in the prison ministry, in which he participated as a member of the mission team.
We set off on the bus at seven o'clock. Today's destination was Choluteca Prison in the provincial capital. This is the largest prison in the province and one of the 27 prisons in Honduras, housing nearly a thousand inmates.
After the security check, we entered the prison’s courtyard, where over a hundred chairs were arranged in front of a stage. Pastor Fang led us to meet and shake hands with the inmates in the courtyard before moving into the inmates’ daily activity area. This area was like a bustling market, crowded and messy, with a faint odor in the air. In what served as a cafeteria, there was a small pool of over one meter square in size at the door. Here, a sturdy middle-aged man conducted two baptisms for two prisoners. The ceremony was conducted with solemnity and dignity despite the simple and filthy surroundings.
After the baptisms, we returned to the prison courtyard for an evangelistic meeting. More than 100 out of the 700 inmates of lower security level attended the meeting, with an additional hundred or so watching outside from the sidelines. The atmosphere was charged with Pastor Fang's blessings, Jose Luis's passionate call, and the inmate pastor's heartfelt message, moving the emotions of those in attendance The climax of the event came when more than 70 inmates responded to Pastor Jose Luis’ fervent call and walked onto the stage. In the sound of hymns and raised arms, the love of Christ and expectations for God were declared.  After the meeting, the mission team distributed food, drinks, toothpaste, soap, and Spanish versions of the Book of Romans to each inmate. I marveled at God’s works recorded in the Bible and was deeply touched by Christians’ selfless love and the power of the team.
       洗禮結束後回到監獄的廣場舉行佈道會,該監獄輕刑犯人七百餘人中有一百餘人參加了佈道會,還有百餘人在周圍旁觀。會議現場有方牧師的祝福、Jose Luis激情的宣召、囚犯牧師真情的講解,感動著現場的情緒。會場的高潮在Jose Luis的大聲呼召中七十餘名囚犯走上舞台時蒞臨,在音樂聲中、在高舉的揮舞的手臂里,宣示著基督的愛與人們對神的期盼。會後短宣隊給每位囚犯發放了食物、飲料、牙膏和肥皂,還有西班牙語版的羅馬書。感概著聖經記錄的神的蹤跡,感動著基督徒們無私的愛和團隊的力量。

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