Ukraine Ministry Update Feb. 2024 | 烏克蘭事工報告 2024年2月

Our team had another opportunity to hold a festive meeting with our friends and their children.
We thank God for every such opportunity!
We celebrated Christmas, the coming to earth of our Savior.
We perceive every meeting as an opportunity to be grateful to God for the fact that we have a community, that we can meditate on the Word of God, share His love, pray together and glorify His Holy Name.

Together we glorified God with songs. The children presented a performance about the true essence of Christmas, without folk traditions. They told in a form accessible to everyone why Christ was born in the flesh and why we celebrate Christmas.

The women had the opportunity to chat with each other while enjoying a delicious lunch, listening to Christmas carols and a sermon by our pastor.

A professional photographer took great photos for us. Well, of course, both children and adults received gifts 🎁 Mothers with children who are already receiving help from LIVING HOPE GLOBAL MINISTRIES and those who are still waiting for this help, mothers and wives of soldiers who are in captivity and other women who visit our small groups were invited to the meeting. They come to our regular Saturday meetings, where we talk, pray together, and think about important things. Thank you LIVING HOPE GLOBAL MINISTRIES for helping the children whose parents gave their most precious lives so that we could live. Your help and support is very valuable to all of us.

Living Hope Sponsored Children|新希望助養兒童 
Arsenii Ivanov, Veronika Tzap, and Tetiana Merdukh


我們一起唱贊美詩來榮耀上帝。 孩子們的表演了什麼是聖誕節的實質,而不是通常的民間傳統。 孩子們以一種人人都能理解的方式講述了為什麼基督以肉身誕生,以及為什麼我們慶祝聖誕節。

一位專業攝影師為我們拍了很棒的照片。 當然,孩子和他們的媽媽也都收到了聖誕禮物🎁。參加 的人們里有的已經得到了新希望全球事工的捐助;有的還在等待名單上;還有的是戰俘的母親或者妻子,她們平時也會參加我們週六的例行聚會,我們一起交談、一起祈禱並思考重要的事情。 感謝「新希望全球事工」幫助這些可愛的孩子們,他們的父母為了保衛我們甚至獻出了最寶貴的生命。 您的幫助和支持對我們所有人都說都是非常寶貴的。
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