Honduras Tolupan Children Center Update Feb. 2024 | 洪都拉斯托盧潘兒童中心報告 2024年2月

Tolupan Indian Children's Center Welcomes Our New Children

The Tolupan Indian Tribe Children’s Center celebrates the season of spring, a time filled with God's blessings. Leandro and Johanna, the heart and soul behind the center, are filled with gratitude as they await the arrival of their second child. Their joy reflects the center's growth, which now embraces 70 children, including 10 new faces recently joining our family. This expansion is a testament to God’s grace and the Tolupan community's trust in us.
Our hearts are particularly drawn to one of our newest members, David, a boy living with his family under challenging circumstances. Born with Hydrocephalus, David faces daily struggles, including continuous seizures that can only be managed with medication his family, living in deep poverty, cannot afford. David’s condition prevents him from joining other children at the center, but Leandro and Johanna are committed to ensuring the center’s support extends to him. We pray for compassionate sponsors to step forward, helping to provide David with the medical care he so desperately needs and embodying God’s love through their generosity.

David Fuentes Escobar with His Mom

This season also marks the start of an exciting project: building a home for a needy family using a block machine provided by supporters in Tennessee and concrete supplied by mission teams from the previous year. This initiative is more than just construction; it’s a community coming together to learn, grow, and support one another in tangible ways.  

Building a Safe Home for a Needy Family

We invite you to join us in walking with God. By sponsoring a child like David or supporting our projects, you become a part of God’s work in the Tolupan Indian Tribe, planting the seed of the Gospel in their heart.
托魯盤印第安部落兒童中心迎來了充滿上帝祝福的春天。 中心的靈魂人物Leandro和Johanna宣教士夫婦在等待第二個孩子的到來時充滿了感激之情。他們的喜悅也反映了中心的成長,現在中心有 70 個孩子,包括最近加入我們大家庭的 10 個新面孔。中心的擴展證明了上帝的恩典和托魯盤社區對我們的信任。
David是我們的新成員之一,他和家人一起生活在充滿挑戰的環境中。 David患有先天性腦積水,每天都在掙扎,包括持續的癲癇發作,只能靠藥物才能緩解,而他的家庭非常貧困,根本負擔不起。 David的病情使他無法與中心的其他孩子一起生活,但Leandro和Johanna致力於確保中心的支持能夠延伸到他身上。 我們祈禱有愛心的捐助者能夠挺身而出,幫助David獲得他急需的醫療服務,並透過他們的慷慨解囊體現上帝的愛。


這個季節也標誌著一個令人興奮的項目的開始:使用田納西州支持者提供的砌塊機和去年宣教團隊提供的混凝土,為一個貧困家庭建造房屋。 這項事工不僅僅是建築;它是一個社區聚集在一起,以實實在在的方式相互學習、成長和支持。


我們邀請您加入我們,與神同行。 透過資助像David這樣的孩子或支持我們的項目,您將成為上帝在托魯盤印第安部落工作的一部分,種下福音的種子在他們心中。
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