More Blessings From Cross-Cultural Missions

Article by Rev. Dr. Samuel Fang- Founder, President

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We are thankful that the epidemic has slowed down this year and, despite that COVID-19 variants have continued to spread throughout some communities, we have not ceased with our mission work. This year from January to the end of August, by our faith, we have sent 12 short-term mission teams with more than 200 brothers and sisters from almost 50 churches to Honduras. Together, we labored for the gospel work and were blessed by the joyful fruits of cross-cultural missions!

  • We visited four different prisons eight times, distributing food, soap, toothpaste, and daily necessities to over 5000 prisoners, and we also shared our testimonies and preached the gospel to them. More than 250 prisoners came to the stage and decided to accept salvation!

  •  With your generous support, the Tolupan Indian tribe in northern Honduras distributed food bags to 103 families and helped 14 families build toilets.

  •  North American teenagers held more than 20 VBS children's gospel activities, and more than 2,000 Honduran children participated in the activities.

Many North American teenagers had their lives transformed during the short-term mission, and fifteen were baptized in the Pacific Islands. Many teenagers have learned gratitude; some say they will no longer waste food, and some are determined not to waste so much time on their cell phones. One pastor of a Chinese church in Toronto, Canada, led more than 20 brothers and sisters to participate in a short-term mission trip. Deeply moved by the mission, they committed to supporting the construction of houses and roads for the Indian tribes next year.
To be more effective when evangelizing to inmates in the Honduras prison system, we began with a ministry of love sending care packages to the inmates for their practical needs. We have encouraged more Canadian churches to participate in prison evangelism ministry in the hope of spreading the gospel to 27 prisons in Honduras within five years.

In October this year, we took another mission partner vision trip to Panama, Peru, and Argentina in Central and South America. We have shared with many Chinese churches there about our experiences and achievements in cross-cultural missions in Honduras. We hope to see in the near future Chinese churches in North America and Central and South America join hands to raise a wave of missions in various places.

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