Asia Ministry Update Feb. 2024 | 亞洲事工報告 2024年2月

Dear Sponsors,
Chinese New Year is here. We wish you and your family a Happy and exuberant New Year this year!

Thank you for your continued support of Living Hope global ministries, participating in our children sponsorship program and helping Orphans and children in need in Asia. May God remember your love, your dedication and bless you abundantly!

In 2023, we have rescued a total of 127 children in Asia, ranging from 3 -year-old children to 20 - year-old college students. The vast majority are primary and secondary school students. Most of them have lost their parents and currently live with their elderly and sick grandparents, and their families are extremely poor. Because of your love and dedication, it has solved their daily expenses for school and also helped their family's financial difficulties, so that they can concentrate on studying and no longer worry about daily bread.

We cooperate with local churches, and their co-workers and volunteers regularly visit these children, deliver assistance funds, take the opportunity to preach the gospel to their families, invite them to attend church gatherings, read the Bible and pray, etc. During the summer break of 2023, we held a Bible Summer Camp for these sponsored children. They ate and lived together in the camp, recited scriptures, sang and danced together, established a closer connection with the church leaders and co-workers, and felt the long-lost parental love and care. In just two years, dozens of families and hundreds of people have believed in the Lord. Hallelujah! Thank and praise God!

We have a Pastoral Support Program which regularly supports poor pastors in rural areas in Asia. Therefore, they do not have to work and serve at the same time, which is physically and mentally exhausting. With your financial support, they experience God’s faithful provision, so they can serve the church full time and shepherd God’s lambs. One pastor wrote: "With the funds you have provided, I feel confident when I go out to visit church families. I no longer have to worry or even cry for being empty-handed (I can buy gifts for those families)." Another pastor wrote: “(With the funds you have provided,) I went to the construction site to take care of one sick brother and distribute some food to his co-workers, and also preached the gospel to them. During the Spring Festival, we used tricycles to transport that brother to the train station and found a good church for him in his hometown. As the result, his co-workers saw how the church help Christian brothers, and God’s love spread. "

We also have the Agape Program, which specializes in helping cancer families. It is a fund donated by a Christian sister in the United States after she passed away from cancer. It provides financial, psychological, and spiritual support to these special children and families. They walked through the valley of the shadow of death and saw the light of God.

Thank you again for your love and dedication! Without your support, we would not be able to help these children and pastors in need. Their current lives and life changes are because of you. You are the backbone and solid shields of our ministry! Please pray for us and spread our ministries with your church and your friends. If you feel moved, please go to our website to provide financial support.

May God bless all the good works of your hands in the new year and reward you abundantly!

Living Hope Global Ministries


2023 年,我們在亞洲的救助兒童共127名, 從3歲幼兒到20歲的大學生,絕大多數是中小學學生,他們普遍都是父母雙亡,目前跟隨年老多病的祖父母生活,家中極度貧困。因為有您的愛心奉獻,解決了他們上學的日常花費,也幫助了家裡的經濟困難,使得他們可以專心讀書,不再為一日三餐擔憂焦慮。

我們與當地教會合作,有他們的同工和志願者定期前往幫扶的兒童家中探訪,送去幫扶款項,並借機傳福音給他們全家,邀請他們 參加教會的聚會,讀經禱告等。2023年暑假期間,我們為這些受助的兒童舉辦了聖經夏令營。他們在營會里一起吃住,一起背誦經文,唱詩跳舞,與教會的帶領同工們建立了更親近的連接,也感受到了久違的父母親般的關愛與照顧。短短兩年間,就有幾十個家庭,上百人因此信主。哈利路亞!感謝贊美神!

我們還有教會傳道人的幫扶項目,定期資助貧困的農村傳道人,讓他們可以不用一邊打工一邊服事,身心俱疲。有了您的資助,他們經歷到神信實的供應,因此可以全時間服事教會,牧養神的小羊。有一位傳道人寫到:「有了您資助的款項,我再出去探訪就心裡有底了,再不用發愁甚至大哭了,因為現在不愁空手了(可以買禮物去探訪家庭了)。」另一位傳道人寫到:「 (有了您資助的款項,)我們會去工地照顧生病的弟兄,並將許多食物分給弟兄的工友們,也借此向他的工友們傳講福音。春節期間,我們就用三輪車送農民工弟兄去車站,並在他們家鄉為他們找好教會。他們的工友們因此看到了教會對基督徒弟兄的幫助,神的愛就此傳開了。」

再次感謝您的愛心和奉獻!沒有您的支持,我們無法幫助到這些有需要的孩子及傳道人,他們現在生活,生命的轉變都與您息息相關。您是我們事工的脊梁和堅實後盾!請為我們的事工代禱,也歡迎您分享我們的事工給貴教會及您身邊的人. 如果您有感動,請登錄我們的網站奉獻捐款:

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