Prayers and Hope Amidst War | 戰火中的祈禱與希望

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Partner Church Staff in Ukraine 烏克蘭同工

Goods Delivered to Our Sponsored Children


We are very grateful to Living Hope Global Ministries for prayers and material support for Ukrainian fallen soldiers’ families. Your help and concern are precious and needed. Through you, God has brought our ministry to a new level and provides opportunities for constant and regular communication with new women and their children.
In Ukraine, there had been less mass shelling over the entire territory for some time. Now there are more shelling and bombings all over the country. Our capital, Kyiv, is significantly under attack. There are constant shelling and attacks in the east of Ukraine, and peaceful people die there daily. Dead soldiers are buried in Lviv every day. Air alarms have begun to sound more often in Lviv as well. In schools and kindergartens, children must hide in shelters during air raids. During this time, all shops close, and everything stops working. More often now, air alarms wake our children in the middle of the night.
Every month we buy basic food products for orphans. We provide their families with household items and personal care products. Most often, women pick up their large packages themselves. For some, we help take them home. Widows come to our meetings on Saturdays. We pray together, talk with them about important spiritual topics, and sing. We will also spend time talking together.
Some of these families are already receiving help from Living Hope Global Ministries, some are still waiting for this help, and there will also be women with whom we are just getting to know because their husbands have only recently died. It is most difficult to talk to them because they are closed in their grief, often don't want to talk to anyone, and don't want to see anyone. It is very difficult to communicate with the wives of fallen soldiers. They are often in despair; they don’t know how to live on or just don't want to live. We pray for them all that our Almighty and Loving Father in heaven will heal their broken hearts and wounds. More and more young women become widowed when their husbands die in the war. Some of the women are pregnant at the time, and the child is born as an orphan. No words from people can give them consolation, only the hope in the Lord. We ask you to pray for the Sunday service and the words of the pastor, that the heart of every woman will be opened to the Word of God and that they will receive comfort and encouragement.

Fallen Soldiers' Mothers and Wives Celebrating Mother's Day


我們非常感謝新希望全球事工為烏克蘭陣亡軍人家庭提供的物質支持與代禱。 您的幫助和關懷是非常可貴的,也是我們急需的。藉著您,神將我們的事工帶到了一個新的高度,我們因此可以為俄烏戰爭中陣亡軍人的遺孀及她們的孩子們提供幫助和心靈的輔導。
在烏克蘭,有一段時間大規模轟炸有所減少,但是現在全國各地又開始有更多的轟炸和炮擊。我們的首都基輔受害更嚴重。 烏克蘭東部爆炸襲擊不斷,每天都有無辜的人死在那裡。每天都有犧牲的士兵被埋葬在利沃夫。利沃夫 的空襲警報也開始更頻繁地響起。 空襲期間,學校和幼兒園的孩子們都必須躲在避難所里,那時所有商店都關門了,一切都停止了。 現在,半夜裡也經常響起空襲警報。
每個月我們都會為陣亡軍人的遺孀和孩子們購買基本食品。 我們也會為這些家庭提供生活用品和個人衛生用品。大多數情況下,妻子們自己會把包裹提回家,有些我們會幫助她們運回她們家。這些陣亡軍人的遺孀通常會在星期六來參加我們的聚會。我們一起禱告,學習討論重要的屬靈話題,唱贊美詩。 我們也會和她們交通。其中一些遺孀的孩子已經在接受新希望全球事工的幫助,一些家庭仍在等待這種幫助,還有一些是丈夫剛剛犧牲的遺孀。她們還沈浸在巨大的悲傷中,不想與任何人交談,也不想見任何人。她們常常處於絕望之中,不知道如何生活,也不想繼續活下去。 我們為她們所有人祈禱,願我們全能慈愛的天父醫治她們破碎的心靈和傷痛。現在越來越多的年輕女性成為遺孀,其中 一些婦女還懷著孕,孩子一出生就成了孤兒!人的話語很難帶給她們安慰,唯有仰望我們的主。 懇請您為主日的聚會代禱,為牧師代禱,願她們的心都向神的話語敞開,願她們得到安慰和鼓勵。
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