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Living Hope Joining Ukraine Mission Conference in Warsaw

新希望在华沙参加乌克兰宣教大会 6/8 - 6/10/2023

After three years of lockdown, governments have finally lifted travel restrictions this year, and our ministry has ushered in a new wave of evangelism. In March and April 2023, more than 50 people from 4 short-term mission teams went to Honduras. From June to August, 10 short-term mission teams composed of more than 250 people from over 20 churches will go to Honduras and participate in a range of projects, including building chicken coops and  fences, hand-pressing cement bricks, and helping the Indian tribes repair dilapidated houses. Pray that God can sow the seeds of the gospel in their hearts through our offering. Since 2019, we have held gospel sharing testimonials in 4 Honduras prisons. Many prisoners have decided to believe in Jesus! Praise the Lord! In 2023, we will visit two more prisons, to share more of the gospel. We pray that the Lord will help us to go to all 27 prisons in Honduras to share the good news.
In Kenya, we plan to fund a second orphanage. From November 17th - 26th 2023, we will lead a short-term mission team to visit the orphans in Kathonzweni Children’s Home. We want to help more unfortunate children and bring the love of God to them.
Since the beginning of 2023, we have received a list of more than 100 orphans of fallen soldiers in Ukraine, and the number of sponsors is also increasing. As the war continues, new casualties are reported every day, and the number of orphans who lost their fathers in the war continues to increase. In addition to helping us distribute food and clothes, the staff of the Ukrainian Lviv Central Baptist Church regularly invite war widows and their children to participate in various church activities, so that they can not only receive material and spiritual help, encouragement and comfort but, more importantly, they will find the savior of their lives-Jesus!
"Retire? REFIRE!" and "Second Vocation" are the new ministry visions God gave us in 2023. We have now established a ministry platform to organize and lead retired pastors and church leaders to visit Chinese churches scattered around the world. It is hoped that these "retired" church leaders can inspire, nurture, persuade and encourage these local churches. The "Retire? REFIRE!" vision journey will begin in September 2023: journey to Peru and Ecuador in South America from September 23rd to October 4th; journey to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia from October 20th to 29th; journey to Kenya from November 17th -26th. In 2024, there will be more international  “Retire? REFIRE!" vision trips to East Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. We hope that pastors and brothers and sisters interested in participating in the "Retire? REFIRE!" ministry, please contact us as soon as possible.
经过三年的疫情封锁,今年各国政府终于取消了旅行限制,我们的事工也迎来了新的宣教热潮。 2023年3月和4 月,共有4支短宣队共50多人去了洪都拉斯宣教。从6月到8月,又会有来自20多间教会的250多人组成的10支短宣队前往洪都拉斯宣教,参与许多印地安部落事工,包括:建造鸡舍,搭建篱笆,手工压水泥砖,以及帮助印第安部落原住民维修危房。祈求神可以藉着我们的奉献在他们心中播下福音的种子。自2019年以来,我们在洪都拉斯的4所监狱举行了15场福音见证会,超过500名犯人决志信主! 感谢主!2023年会增加两所新的监狱可以分享福音,我们祈求主帮助我们,可以去到洪都拉斯全部 27所监狱分享福音。
自 2023 年开年至今,我们收到了乌克兰一百多名阵亡军人的孤儿名单。随着战争的继续,每天都有新的军人阵亡,孤儿人数也在持续增加。我们希望有更多的爱心人士成为这些孤儿的助养人。乌克兰利沃夫中心浸信会的同工们除了协助我们购买,分发食品和衣物外,他们也经常邀请这些阵亡军人的遗孀和孩子们参加教会的各种活动,让他们不仅能得到物质和精神上的帮助,鼓励和安慰,更重要的是让他们遇见生命的救主--耶稣!
“退而不休”和“人生第二职业”是2023年神给我们的新的事工异象。我们现在建立了一个事工平台,组织和带领从牧会退休的传道人,以及从职场退休的教会领袖,去探访分散在世界各地的众华人教会。希望这些“退而不休” 的教会领袖可以给这些当地教会带去启发、培训、指导和激励。“退而不休”的异象之旅将于  2023 年 9 月开始:9  月 23 日至 10 月 4 日前往南美洲的秘鲁和厄瓜多尔; 10月20 日至29日,前往中亚的吉尔吉斯斯坦和乌兹别克斯坦; 11月17日到26日,去肯尼亚。2024年,将会有更多“退而不休”异象之旅前往东非、东欧、南美和东南亚。希望有志于参加“退而不休”的牧长和弟兄姊妹尽快与我们联系

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