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LHGM's New Block Machine Builds Homes and Hope | 新希望新事工——压砖机铸造新的家与希望
by Houyi Zeng on May 15th, 2023
Learn how a block machine can build a family a safe home and lift them up in hope!   Read More
From Orphan to Missionary 从孤儿到宣教士
by Houyi Zeng on January 30th, 2023
Leandro is our missionary with the Montaña de la Flor Indian tribe in Honduras. He and his wife served the Indigenous people there for more than 3 years. Read his touching story of how God saved him as a young man. Leandro是我们在洪都拉斯Montaña de la Flor印第安部落的宣教士。他和太太在那里服事原住民超过3 年的时间。点击阅读上帝如何拯救他的感人见证。   Read More
重返洪都拉斯 Return to Honduras
by Deqi Liu on October 19th, 2022
提起洪都拉斯这个名字,人们会不由自主地把它与“贫穷”、“凶杀”、“毒品”这些字眼相关联起来。然而在我眼里,这个让我情不自禁连续两年所往返的国家却是与主更亲近的地方!  Read More
那山,那水,那路,那人…… ——洪都拉斯印第安部落短宣回顾 Reflections on Honduras STM Trip
by Houyi Zeng on October 18th, 2021
居住在洪都拉斯Mountain of flowers 的Tolupan 印第安部落,约有2万多人,这个部落非常保守,基本不与外界接触,是神国未得之民。这些年,经过几代宣教士和当地客西马尼教会的努力,上帝的爱还是降临到这批未得之民,Living Hope进入该部落传福音的路被开启了。  Read More

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