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Go and See How GOD Can Use You and Me | 去,看你和我被神如何使用
July 15th, 2024
Read about how God has allowed us to partner with other believers in the Great Commission around the world. ...  Read More
by Living Hope Global Ministries
Youths on Missions: Testimony Series #1 | 宣教中的青少年 见证集#1
July 11th, 2024
In April 2024, an STM team consisting of mostly young adults went to Honduras during their spring break. Here are some of testimonies of how their lives were touched....  Read More
by 2024 Honduras April STM Members
Hope Behind Bars | 囚牢中的希望
July 2nd, 2024
" Throughout these 13 years, I have experienced God's love and His support to fulfill the mission and call in this prison ministry. "...  Read More
by Pastor José Luis Maldonado Vijil
Driven by the Pursuit of the Way of the Truth: 2023 Mission Trip Testimony #1 | 真理之道的嚮往:2023短宣見證#1
November 20th, 2023
Mr. Liang is a seeker of faith who, driven by a longing for "the way of the Truth" and a desire for "deep and genuine experiences within it," accompanied his Christian family on a short-term mission t...  Read More
by Mr. Liang
October 19th, 2022
提起洪都拉斯這個名字,人們會不由自主地把它與「貧窮」、「凶殺」、「毒品」這些字眼相關聯起來。然而在我眼裡,這個讓我情不自禁連續兩年所往返的國家卻是與主更親近的地方!...  Read More
by Jun Qiu
得人如得魚,一趟心靈震撼之旅 ——洪都拉斯監獄事工短宣回顧
October 21st, 2021
我是一位從事抗腫瘤藥物開發的科研人員,卻因著神的帶領,跟隨 Living Hope 短宣隊,探訪了洪都拉斯兩所監獄,這次經歷可謂是一次心靈震撼之旅!...  Read More
by Jun Qiu

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