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Regional Youth Camp 2023 Valle Council, Honduras ASIECAH |2023年洪都拉斯 Valle地区青少年营会
by Houyi Zeng on April 7th, 2023
God has given us a vision of reaching our youth for Christ. Disciplining young people is a blessing of Hope for the future. It may not be an easy task, and few churches take on this challenge, but the reward is great. 神给了我们一个为基督接触年轻人的异象。 培养年轻人是未来的希望。这可能不是一项容易的任务,很少有教会接受这一挑战,但回报是巨大的。  Read More
Serve with Your Gifts on a Short Term Mission Trip with Living Hope
by Houyi Zeng on December 15th, 2022
God has given each of us gifts, a purpose in this life. Peter tells us in the scriptures that we are empowered by God to serve others. Every one of us has come equipped with gifts and we are to share our gifts to serve, uplift, encourage and minister to one another (1 Peter 4:10).   Read More
Help them, Help Ourselves: Three Youths' Testimonies from Honduras STM Trips
by Houyi Zeng on December 12th, 2022
This trip has allowed me to experience God in a way I could never fathom or imagine possible. I realized that living like Christ is constantly being in pursuit of Him and keeping my eyes focused on Him alone.   Read More
Heard of Thee by Ear, Now Mine Eyes Seeth Thee
by Houyi Zeng on December 11th, 2022
In helping these children, we develop close relationships with them. We prayed to the Holy Spirit to lead, and when the time was right, we began to preach the gospel from family to family. This has saved many children and their families by grace. Jackson and his brother are two of them.  Read More
Hope in the War— War Orphans Care in Ukraine
by Houyi Zeng on December 10th, 2022
We hope that 100 orphans of fallen Ukrainian soldiers will be sponsored by the end of this year, and we hope that this little bit of funding will bring some comfort to these orphans and their families, especially the love God has given them through us.  Read More
More Blessings From Cross-Cultural Missions
by Houyi Zeng on December 9th, 2022
We are thankful that the epidemic has slowed down this year and, despite that COVID-19 variants have continued to spread throughout some communities, we have not ceased with our mission work.   Read More

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