Together for Ukraine

At Living Hope, we are working closely with our partners in Ukraine for war relief.
Join us in meeting our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in their needs.

A letter from Our President

Since February 24th of 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in 6 million people fleeing from their homeland to seek refuge in Eastern and Western Europe. Amongst these people, over 3 million have fled to Poland. As Christians, we uplift the suffering Ukrainian refugees in our prayers and ask the Lord for their protection. The Holy Spirit has moved in us and stirred us to cry out, “Lord, here I am - send me!” By faith, we got on a plane flying to Warsaw, Poland, on May 8th.

We contacted the Poland Chinese Christian Church, the First Baptist Church in Warsaw, and the Warsaw Ukraine Baptist church while in Poland. The pastors, co-workers, and Living Hope held discussions on the Ukrainian crisis for only a few days, and together we settled on a plan of action to establish a ministry team in a joint effort.        

We set out for Poland the second time on June 12th and made our way to Ukraine visiting families of fallen soldiers. The pains and sorrows that they experienced from a loved one's death weighed heavy on our hearts. May the Lord bring them true healing.

With a sincere heart, we ask for your prayers and participation. Currently, we have the following ministries in support of Ukrainian civilians and children:    
• Ukrainian refugee’s living and lodging expenses during their transit in Poland (3 to 7 days on average cost $100)  
• Funds providing food and daily necessities purchased in Poland and transported to various regions in Ukraine
• Funds providing aid to orphans in orphanages and their essential needs
• Calling all qualified families in the U.S. to support Ukrainian refugees. (Under the Uniting for Ukraine program, a hundred thousand eligible Ukrainian refugees may enter and stay in the U.S. for up to 2 years)  
• Sponsor a child of a fallen soldier at $30 per month or $ per year

If any brothers or sisters have a burden or share the same vision for the above ministries, please contact us. You may support via a check to Living Hope Global Ministries, call us with a credit or debit card, or donate online by clicking the Ukraine Crisis Fund button on this page.    

Yours in His service,      

Dr. Rev. Samuel Fang, President  

"With our Ukrainian Baptist coworkers, we are starting to help orphans left behind by fallen soldiers"

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