This is their center, their safe place.

Jesús Emanuel Córdova Medrano at our Hope Children's Center holding a sign. It reads "I pray for children who are sick".

One of the best decisions we've ever made

~ Bridget Preston

Open Door Policy

We welcome you to visit your child anytime.

This is their center,
their safe space.

Jesús Emanuel Córdova Medrano


DOB: January 17, 2012
Litzy is a polite, kind, and honest girl. She helps sell goodies with her mom. Litzy walks every day to our Hope Center and then to the school, being a girl with academic excellence despite all the needs.  She is very happy to have a chance at the Children’s Hope Center. 
DOB: October 30, 2014
Wilson is a wonderful boy who loves learning about God. He excels academically at school. Wilson's parents are hardworking people and would take any work opportunities that will help them earn more money. Wilson enjoys playing soccer and studying math in his spare time. 
DOB: November 8, 2014
Anderson is a helpful boy who likes helping his mother do chores. His parents do not have stable jobs, making it difficult to provide the basic needs, like Anderson's schooling. We are so thankful for God's provision, allowing us to purchase Anderson a uniform-- his dream of going to school is now a reality! 
DOB: June 2, 2014
Dylan is a very sweet boy and he comes from a Christian family and his grandfather is a pastor. Dylan is the oldest of 3 children and his family struggles with caring for their family with no jobs available. Dylan wants to learn to play the drums, so he can play in church.
DOB: October 14, 2010 
Alex is a sweet boy and he likes to play when he can, but he also likes to work in the fields with his father. His family struggles with severe poverty. Alex lives with his 5 siblings, a cousin and his parents, totaling 9 people living in their small mud home. 
DOB: September 13, 2013
Allan is a sweet boy and lives with his parents and little sister in a mud hut. Allan's dad works as a laborer and constantly looks for work to provide food. When Allan is eating his meals at our center, he will put food in his pockets and takes it home to his little sister, who is not old enough to come.
DOB: February 1, 2011
Allyson is a sweet girl who lives with her single mother and 5 siblings, living in severe poverty. Allyson spends a lot of time carrying water for her family. She is so happy to be in our Hope Center and dreams of having a doll someday. She has never had one. 
DOB: October 8, 2011
Evelyn is a sweet and kind little girl that likes to play with her friends. She is smart and pays attention in our Bible classes and does very well in school.  She lives with her father who loves her very much and he is a wood worker. Evelyn is a joy in our center. 
DOB: September 1, 2012

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Andry is a sweet little girl and lives with her parents, 4 siblings, and a baby cousin. She likes to play with her siblings, cousins, and friends. Her father looks for work anywhere he can, but work is hard to find and the pay is very little.
DOB: October 15, 2010 
Angela is a sweet and kind little girl with a friendly personality. She likes to play with dolls and with her friends. She lives with her parents and two brothers. Angela's mother sells tortillas on the street and her father works as a farmhand when he can find work. 
DOB: July 13, 2011
Ashley is a sweet and happy girl who lives with her parents, little brother, grandparents and several cousins. She likes school and spends much of her time playing soccer.  She would like to be a doctor when she grows up so she can help people.  
DOB: March 22, 2012
Astrid is a very sweet little girl who is respectful and friendly. She's affectionate and always kind. She lives with a lot of extended family of over 40 people in one house. Astrid lives in severe poverty and she dreams of the day her mom can find work and a home.
DOB: April 23, 2009
Blanca is a sweet girl and very shy. She lives with her mother after her father left the family. Her mother works cleaning and washing clothes in the creek when she can find work. Blanca and her mother struggle with severe poverty. Blanca's dream is to become a nurse.
DOB: January 21, 2013
Bradis is a sweet and energetic boy.  He loves to run and play like any typical little boy - always moving!  His family lives in severe poverty and his parents struggle to feed the family.  Bradis' parents give the most loving gift - the importance of God in his life.
DOB: October 13, 2011
Carlos is a sweet boy and he attends our children's center with his brother, Juan. Carlos lives with his mom, dad and 5 brothers. The family struggles with severe poverty leaving the children without healthy food. Carlos dreams of being a police officer when he grows up. 
DOB: April 28, 2007
Carlos is a very kind soul and the oldest of his two siblings. His mother sells tortillas on the streets to try and earn money. Carlos helps his family by taking care of his siblings and he is now in our youth program. He wants to be a pastor.
DOB: November 26, 2009
Carlos is a very sweet boy and loves his family. He lives with his single mother and 3 siblings. His family lives in severe poverty and Carlos helps his mom with his younger brother, special needs sister and young baby sister. He carries a lot of responsibility to be so young.
DOB: March 22, 2011
Christopher is a very sweet boy and one of his favorite things to do is play soccer. Christopher is an orphan as his mother does not live with him. He lives with his aunt, who is a mother to him, his grandmother and cousin. Christopher's family struggles with poverty.
DOB: September 26, 2011
Dania is a sweet and kind little girl who loves to learn new things. She enjoys school and likes to read. She lives with her parents, four brothers and her sister. This family of eight lives in a very small mud home and they live in very difficult conditions. 
DOB: December 6, 2009
Daniela is sweet and kind and loves to study and draw. She dreams of being a doctor when she grows up. Daniela lives with her parents and two brothers. Her father tries to find work as a builder but the family struggles to buy food.
DOB: August 13, 2008
Denis likes school, and his favorite thing to do is play soccer. He loves to act in our Bible class plays. He lives with his parents, four brothers and one sister. This family of eight live in a very tiny mud home and struggle. Denis is now in our youth program.
DOB: September 9, 2008
Denise is a sweet, kind and easygoing girl.  She's lived with her grandmother since her mother left her as a baby. Denise would come to our center every day and look in the gate. We welcomed our Denise into our Center family and are blessed with her smile every day.
DOB: May 17, 2008 
Dina is a very kind girl and loves to draw and paint. She also likes school. She and her family live in very poor conditions. Her father is older and cannot find employment. He offers himself as a laborer to the local church who helps his family by providing food when they can.
DOB: March 8, 2009

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Fanny is a sweet little girl whose smile lights up the room! She likes school and loves to play with her two little sisters and her dolls. Fanny lives with her single mother who struggles to provide for her family. You will often see little Fanny with her baby sister on her hip.